About Tanny & Joe

Tanny&Joe is a digital marketing and consulting agency, established to be a partner to small and medium sized businesses. Founded by Joey, we look to develop and execute on good ideas in digital marketing, in an accessible and pragmatic manner not only delivering short term results but building stronger brands and businesses in the process.


Here are a few ideas that drive everything we do;


Make marketing accessible:

Marketing is a challenge to most businesses. If not all. It always helps when you have the budget for a marketing team. Many entrepreneurs, small, and medium sized businesses can’t justify the cost. T&J works with companies of all shapes and sizes to compliment their efforts, and integrate within existing structures, on a campaign or goal based approach, acting as an interim (or permanent) marketing team.

Focus on bottom line results:

All marketing should be performance based. While we need to be realistic, and understanding that tactics take time to bear results, it’s important to work towards specific goals from the get go. We work with you to identify key issues or opportunities, working together, with a network of freelancers or your employees, to implement the strategy and tactics that will provide clear benefits your business.

Bring great ideas to life:

A great idea is not just original, it has to be relevant and effective. If it is not realistic, it’s a terrible idea. We maintain pragmatism, but always forward thinking. And it’s also about building an implementation plan that is realistic and manageable.

Be a key partner to clients of all sizes:

This includes having inspired and inspiring conversations, and making connections between clients, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders. Our (perhaps only) goal is to make sure we can grow together.


Marketing is an investment. Invest in your company.



About Me, Joey

I have managed a very wide range of projects – everything from content strategy for startups to interactive microsites for the worlds largest brands to comedian digital properties. I have built a track record for delivering creative solutions, that exceed customer expectations, and bring people together around innovative ideas. I’ve worked on large content projects for the likes of Air Canada, Just For Laughs, Spundge, DHL, Sparksheet and many more. I’ve written a TedX Talk, won a Webby Honouree, won an ethics competition, and more.

I’m an avid photographer, speak 7 different languages, still conversational in 4, working on running a 3 minute km, been through Patagonia twice, pretty good hockey and softball player, looking forward to my next 10 day hike and have a beautiful baby boy.

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