Blog Posts:

Here are couple from my blog:

Technology Without Borders
My musings on how technology has made the world feel that much smaller and how it transcends physical borders.

Getting Political, The Ups and Downs
Lessons learned from running a political campaign, with a focus on community building.

From Around the Web:

The complex story that is China in Africa
I wrote this while working at Spundge, based on experiment of turning notebooks into articles.

What Does It Mean To Be A Nomad Company?
I wrote this interview/thought piece for my nomad client, putting myself in his shoes

And his TedX talk to share his message of designing your own path.

I was contracted to write this article on Funnel Optimization.

Otherwise, while at Sparksheet/Spafax I wrote several articles as well.


I’ve been managing the production of the Startup Diaries videos for the past 5 episodes, including writing narration, feedback on editing, and more. View them at

While with Sparksheet we recorded a few videos at conferences and events we attended – including interviews with Ariana Huffington, Dennis Crowley, Robert Wong and more. You can view them here.

Otherwise I dabble with video on my own creative terms.


I was a press photographer at the first C2 MTL. And while with Sparksheet, attended several events and conferences as a photographer.

On a more personal side, I had a personal vernissage at Gallery Pop. With a write up in Cult.


Talking to Tommy Schnurmacher about my We Are Quebec project.