On Working on A Talk About Flow and Inspiration

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fabian for over a year now.

I met him at him at a Startup Chile event. They had an open mic portion, where anyone could take the opportunity to make an announcement. Having been in Santiago for about a month at the time, I took advantage, and made my 10 second pitch, something like “I’m a marketer with several solid years of strategy and execution under my belt, and I can take your project to the next level. That was 5 seconds. Now I need to fill up another 4. Come say hi. 1 more second?”. I have no idea what I really said. But it was something along those lines I’m sure.

A few minutes later, while one of the (very talented) founders in the SUP Chile presented their project, Fabian was busy typing into my Evernote:

“Traveling in a van through South America, producing bi-weekly episodes about Latino entrepreneurs and people who redefine the way we work, all that while managing an IT company from within the van! Need reach!!


I’ve been working with him ever since on a wide range of fronts, and it’s been some really inspiring work.

He was recently approached by DNX to deliver a talk to a group of mostly digital nomads (and those considering it) in Bangkok. It’s challenging producing a 45+ minute keynote, but we had plenty of material to work with. The end result, while not short, is great for anyone who needs inspiration, who is scared of taking a leap of faith, conflicted between following a straight path or pursuing bliss. Don’t we all…

Fabian is an example that being open to serendipity, living your own life and releasing yourself from the fear of the unknown, can lead to a life that can be an adventure and rewarding.

Often times it’s easy to cast away advice on similar lines as cliche or snake-oil. I’m as cynical as the rest of them. Ok, maybe not as you.

One rule of thumb – never take advice from “the baker who’s bread tastes terrible”. Don’t take advice on inspiration from someone who isn’t inspiring. There’s a lot of inspiration in here.

Fabian introduced me to Joseph Campbell, which gave me a renewed appreciation for the hero’s journey and struggles. Accepting the struggle and appreciating it as part of the growth process is paramount to creating flow.

I don’t know anyone else who has hung out with kings, contracted Malaria, operated a company out of a Land Rover Defender while driving across South America…and done so with success not giving in to expectations and a prescription.

It’s a long presentation, but you should have a watch (or listen) when you have a chance.

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